Fish Food on Floodplain Farm Fields

Re-integrating Floodplain Food Resources into the River Ecosystem

CalTrout Senior Scientist Dr. Jacob Katz and the Fish Food on Floodplain Farm Fields was featured on CapRadio. Check it out!

In the Central Valley, more than two thousand miles of state and federal levees, along with local flood protection projects, have cut off approximately 95% of historical floodplain wetlands from their river channels. In the 2017 pilot year, the Fish Food on Floodplain Farm Fields Project surveyed existing wetland habitat types over a broad swath of the Sacramento Valley, both inside and outside of the levees.


By comparing and contrasting hydrologic conditions and aquatic food web dynamics across the spectrum of existing wetland habitat types (i.e., river channel, managed wetlands, farm fields and bypasses), the project will:

1) improve understanding of aquatic food web productivity in the Sacramento Valley and

2) assess the potential for these diverse aquatic habitats, including the hundreds of thousands of acres of floodplain farmland and managed wetlands, to contribute food resources to the river ecosystem, bolster in-river and Delta food webs, and help support recovery of endangered fish populations.

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