Shasta River Restoration

Collaborating with land owners and timber companies to benefit salmonids

Long-term Goal

Recover salmonid populations in the Shasta River, a key mid-Klamath River tributary and nursery, by restoring spawning and rearing habitat, in-stream flows, water quality, and other ecological processes and function. Achieve measurable objectives outlined in the Final Southern Oregon Northern California Coho (SONCC) Recovery Plan population targets of 4,700 spawners in the Shasta River.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Worked with dozens of public and private stakeholders to develop precedent setting Shasta River Safe Harbor Agreement that commits ranchers, land managers, and irrigators to meaningful improvements in on-farm water management, in-stream flow restoration, water quality restoration, and net conservation benefit over 30,000 acres and 17 miles of the upper Shasta River;
  • Engaged private landowners and irrigators working towards Safe Harbor Agreements (Shasta Watershed Conservation Group (SWCG) to develop site-specific ranch management plans that detail measurable objectives and strategies for restoration of flows and habitat conditions;
  • Coordinated quarterly meetings by the Shasta River Safe Harbor Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) (state and federal agencies, tribes, agricultural operators, landowners, conservation groups) to develop stream temperature and flow models for prioritizing restoration actions;
  • Engaged participating SWCG landowners and irrigators, developed viable flow and water quality restoration projects in the upper Shasta River, secured over $500,000 in grant funding, and began implementing multi-year watershed scale restoration projects.

What We Will Achieve in 2016-17

  • Facilitate final Safe Harbor Agreement signature by participants of the SWCG;
  • Complete Shasta River stream temperature analysis and modeling to direct prioritization of proposed water management actions and future restoration projects;
  • Complete On-farm Ranch Management Plans with measurable
    conservation objectives for participating landowners;
  • Design and permit key SWCG flow and habitat restoration projects; secure additional funding for implementation of in-stream flow, water quality, and habitat restoration.

Mount Shasta / Klamath Region News

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