Keystone Initiative: Northern California Legacy Streams

Protecting California’s spring-creek wild trout fisheries.

The Fall River and Hat Creek are two of California’s largest and most productive spring-fed native trout fisheries. At over one million acre feet per year (890 million gallons a day), the Fall River generates more cold, clean, nutrient rich, spring water than any river in California. This water fuels one of the state’s largest hydroelectric projects (Pit River Hydro System), recharges (with steady year-round flows) the state’s largest reservoir (Shasta Lake), and irrigates tens of thousands of acres of agricultural lands in the Sacramento Valley (Central Valley Project). Additionally, the Fall River supports the state’s largest spring-creek blue-ribbon wild trout fishery. Existing threats to the fishery include invasive aquatic plants (Eurasian watermilfoil), degraded streambanks caused by unrestricted cattle grazing, and over sedimentation of the streambed and channel.

More about the Keystone Initiative

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