Floodplain Restoration and Protection

Long-term Goal:

Save 800 acre feet per year and restore 30-50 acres of riparian habitat by clearing non-native plants; namely Arundo donax, from priority parcels within the Santa Clara River Parkway, a critical riparian and migration corridor along the lower Santa Clara River. Along with several other benefits, this is an initial step in coordinating exiting floodplain restoration efforts, into a comprehensive non-native plant management strategy for the watershed – because fish and food grow where rivers flow.

What We Will Achieve in 2016-17:

  • Secure funding from the Department of Water Resources Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, via the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County, and a $100,000 pledge from the Santa Clara River Trustee Council. Finalize subcontracts with Ventura County;
  • Oversee, with assistance from UC Santa Barbara, Stillwater Sciences and the Nature Conservancy, project management, reporting, labor compliance, land access approvals, feasibility studies, permitting, hydrogeomorphic and vegetation assessments, contracting, pre-removal surveys, invasive plant removal, revegetation/retreatment, and biological monitoring. We will also offer opportunities for community and volunteer engagement.

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California Trout, Inc.

California Trout, Inc.