Saving our Native Fish


Saving California's native fish from extinction

The science behind this report has made it clear: we risk losing our native salmon, steelhead, and trout if we don't act now.

The loss of these iconic fish would be tragic. Native to California and uniquely adapted to our diverse landscape, they are more than just resident fish.  By flourishing they signify that California's legacy of cold, clean water has been preserved, an asset as vital to our state as epic coast lines, magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains, towering redwoods and beautiful deserts.

Resilient fish populations indicate healthy waters, important for drinking water, agriculture, commerce, and the health of people and the environments in which we live. Declining fish populations indicate degraded waters, which threaten the health and economic well-being of all Californians.

Improving salmonid status throughout California requires:

  1. Protecting and restoring the places that matter most and
  2. Promoting strategies that will increase salmonid diversity and resiliency.


We call our plan a “Return to Resilience” because the salmonids, their managers, and those who care about ensuring their survival must be resilient in response to change wrought by the ever-increasing human demands on the planet.

With your support, we can take action to ensure California has thriving populations of wild salmon, steelhead and trout. The steps to get us there are outlined below.



Photo: Mike Hupp

The Good News

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